Skill dodging
The best defense is to be somewhere else. Skills in this group passively enhance your dodging ability and nimbleness.
Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Skill dodging
Fidgety FellowIncreases your ability to dodge.
Stat nimbleness+2
Stat dodge+5
Aikido For AdventurersYou've read an article in the back of Adventurer Monthly about this, now let's see if it works... (Theoretically turns a dodge into a counterattack. Sometimes)
Stat nimbleness+1
Knightly LeapWith this ability, you can leap out of trouble - or into it.
Stat dodge+3 Ability: Knightly Leap
Transdimensional dodge64
Transdimensional DodgeSometimes you can dodge almost out of reality (and then back into it.) Wether this ends up being a good thing is to be seen on a per-case basis. You may activate this ability at will.
Stat nimbleness+1
Stat dodge+3
Supremely Sly Side-stepperMost Dodge! It's amazing you even get hit at all.
Stat nimbleness+2
Stat dodge+8

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