Skill assassination
Something about a creed. Honestly? You just kill better.
Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Skill assassination0 64
BlackjackYou've filled one of your socks with lead shot and can use it to whack bad guys over the head, leaving them stunned by your foot odour. This ability is automatically used when the opportunity presents itself.
Stat crit+1 18% chance of inflicting Blackjack on attack.
Skill stealth3 64
Slim CustomerThey ought to be keeping an eye on you -- youre a nimble, stealthy sneak.
Stat nimbleness+1 Stat crit+1 Stat sneakiness+3
Attack poison64
Venomous InfusionInfuse your weapon (or boot) with a vile poison. Lasts for only a few attacks so make it count.
Skill assassination1 64
Sneaky ShivHoning the skill in Adventurer Prison, you compulsively construct concealed weapons from everyday items and can use them to perform secretive attacks that may not even be noticed by the target ... until it's too late. This ability is automatically used when the opportunity presents itself.
Stat crit+1 21% chance of inflicting Sneaky Shiv on attack.
Skill assassination2 64
Et tu?Advanced assassination training makes your attacks mostly deadly.
Stat crit+5 21% chance of inflicting Et tu? on attack.


  • Black Jack almost always knocks them out for one turn, though has a chance of leaving them unconscious for more. This effectively negates one attack, but does not eliminate them as a threat.
  • Sneaky Shiv will once in a while paralyze them for a few turns, though most of the time it just adds damage to the attack.
  • Effects can't be applied to ranged attacks.


  • The last skill "Et tu?" is a reference to Julius Caesar's last words, recognizing Brutus as one of his assassins.
  • "Blackjack" might be a reference to the stealth series Thief, in which the main character Garret uses a blackjack to knock opponents out