Skill stealth
They'll never know you were even there! This is a sneaky, stealy skill.
Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Vending machine looter64
Vending Machine LooterGet one free item from every vending machine. If no one was watching, it wasnt a crime.
Stat nimbleness+1
Stat traplevel+1
Skill burglary0 64
Lucky PickLocked doors pose no impediment to your Lucky Pick.
Stat nimbleness+1
Stat trapsense+1
Passive: No longer require lockpicks to unlock doors.
Skill burglary2 64
LockupLocks an enemy to their current position. Somewhere along the line you also learned something about traps.
Stat nimbleness+1
Stat traplevel+1
Ability: Lockup
Skill burglary1 64
Ninja VanishAllows you to disappear into the shadows and make a getaway.
Stat nimbleness+1
Stat trapsense+1
Ability: Ninja Vanish
Skill burglary3 64
Five-Finger DiscountSteal an item the first time you enter a shop. Who doesnt love freebies
Stat nimbleness+1
Stat traplevel+1
Skill stealth3 64
Move in Mysterious WayIt's all right, you move in mysterious ways. Perfect for the inconspicious exit from the scene of a crime.
Stat nimbleness+1
Stat trapsense+1
Ability: Move in Mysterious Way

(The posting comments are referencing a pre and post-updated lockpick skill. Lockpicks are no longer able to be summoned every 30-50 turns. Lucky Pick means you no longer use/break lockpicks to open doors, but lockpicks are still consumed if opening chests.)

Lockpicking allows you to level far more hastily than you can without. An average of six XP multiplied by your floor per locked container or door can easily add up to a free level. Unless you are currently working towards the 'Perilous Podiatry' achievement, it is highly advised.

Known glitch: When using the 'Move in Mysterious Ways' Skill, you can only—ironically enough—teleport to occupied squares instead of unoccupied ones.