Skill fleshshaper
You are a fleshsmith! You can heal the wounds of your body, rend the flesh of your enemies, and possibly summon deli meats from the Elemental Plane of Cold Cuts. You cant make armor out of it though. Sadly.
Level Icon Bonuses Effect
ZombyfycationReduce, re-use, recycle: after reducing your enemy to a bloddy corpse, bring them back to life as a 'formerly dead' servant who will defend you until they die again.
Stat life+1 Ability: Zombyfycation
Knit TissueThis spell pieces together pieces of you that have fallen off, torn apart, mangle, punctured, or otherwise smushed. It's a messy sort of healing.
Stat life+1 Ability: Healing Wound
FleshboreFleshy, awful debuff that rends and tears the flesh of an enemy.
Stat life+1 Ability: Fleshbore
MeatshieldThe Meatshield enhances your Life-force and Regenative powers.
Dmg crushing resist+1 Dmg slashing resist+1 Stat life+1 Ability: Meatshield Shove
Corpus burst64
Corpus BurstThis spell makes corpses explode! Who doesn't like exploding corpses? Pretty much everyone, actually.
Stat life+1 Ability: Corpus Burst
Conjure miasma64
Miasmatic PutrefactionThis spell just chokes things to death on the horrible, toxic, putrefying gases. Cheerful, isn't it? (Countered mostly by potpourri.)
Dmg toxic resist+1 Dmg putrefying resist+1 Stat life+1 Ability: Miasmatic Putrefaction


  • Meat Shield's regeneration bonus doesn't affect Vampires.
  • Knit Tissue DOES heal vampire characters.

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