Paranormal Investigator is a rogue skill.
Paranormal investigator
The truth is in here, somewhere.
Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Rational explanation64
There Must Be A Rational ExplanationRaise your resistance to magic. The downside. You will also be unable to cast spells. But why should it matter. Magic is a hoax.
Stat magicresistance2 Ability: There Must Be A Rational Explanation
Close encounter64
Close EncounterFlip switches, operate doors, open chests all at a distance with your strange, new powers. They did this to you for a reason. This means something.
Stat sagacity1
Stat magicresistance1
Ability: Close Encounter
SkepticismYou're going to bust this conspiracy wide open, and expose this monster for what it really is.
Dmg existential resist1 Ability: Skepticism
XenochemistryTransmute one potion into another using experimental alien compounds. WARNING: exposure to experimental substances may result in super powers and/or death.
Dmg toxic resist3 Dmg transmutative resist1
Stat alchemy1
Alien autopsy64
Alien AutopsyOccasionally discover crafting recipes from the bodies of fallen monster. The secrets of alien technology can be yours!
Passive: 2% chance when you kill a monster of learning a crafting recipe
Alien weapon64
Alien WeaponEmploy alien biomagnetic technology to pull meteors from the heavens and onto a monster. (It is strongly recommended you do not stand next to them while doing this.)
Ability: Alien Weapon

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