Skill perception
Seeing it coming, at least you'll know what hit you. Improves sight distance, trap-finding, ability to hit enemies, and occasionally dodging.
Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Skill perception
Superhuman PerceptionYou can see very well in the dark - this is useful for missing your attacks less. And finding loot.
Stat edr+5 Stat sight+1
Perception1 64
Highly AwareYou can see very well, especially traps and other things that would do you harm. Also loot
Stat dodge+5 Stat trapsense+1 Stat sight+1
Perception2 64
Trap SenseYou can see traps very nicely, and are better able to dodge attacks against you. Also loot
Stat dodge+5 Stat trapsense+1 Stat traplevel+2 Stat sight+1
Perception3 64
Second SightBy using your third, fourth, and sometimes fifth eyes, you can nearly see the future. This may prove usefull in a scuffle. Also loot
Stat edr+5 Stat trapsense+1 Stat sight+1 Ability: Second Sight
See invisible64
Third SightReveal all that is hidden. Especially more loot
Stat edr+5 Stat sight+1 Ability: Third Sight
Eye lasers64
Eye LasersYes, really: if you can see it you can kill it. (Betterr yet: the greater your sight radius the more damage you do.)
Ability: Eye Lasers