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Deals: Dmg crushing(3+0.3), 1, and 1 first turn (before buff), 26 turns 2-3, 27 turns 4-5, 28 turns 6-7, 30 turn 9, 33 turns 10-11, 38 turns 12-13
Dmg piercing resist25 Dmg conflagratory resist25 Dmg hyperborean resist25 Dmg voltaic resist25 Dmg acidic resist25 Dmg toxic resistDmg aethereal resistDmg aphyxiative resist25 Dmg existential resistDmg necromatic resistDmg putrefying resist25 Dmg righteous resistDmg transmutative resist25 
Stat dodge-300 Stat counter-300 Stat armourabsorption35 Stat magicresistance50 
Encases one (1) target in a shell of stone, completely paralyzing and suffocating over time.
Duration: 14 turns

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