If the hero prays to Inconsequentia, the Goddess of Sidequests, he may have to find a randomly selected Item and deliver it to the Eyeball Shrine, Monolith or Mellow Shrine. In some cases, it may spawn a squad of monsters or a boss. After the delivery of the item to the target the hero will be rewarded with a random, enchanted item.


Icon Item
Quest brain Brain
Quest cravat Cravat
Quest crystal candle Crystal Candle
Quest fell lutefisk Fell Lutefisk
Quest goat figurine Goat Figurine
Quest sigil Sigil
Quest glove Single Glove
Quest timelord scarf Timelord Scarf
Quest kitten Tiny, Adorable Kitten
Wad Wad of Stuff
Wizards sleeve Wizards' Sleeve - Not to be confused with The Wizard's Sleeve

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