In Dungeons of Dredmor, your character doesn't have a "class" (or class of any sort, for that matter) -- instead, you define your abilities by choosing seven Skills. Each grants access to a variety of different abilities, such as enhancing your strength with a specific type of weapon, or the knowledge to craft things from various items found around the dungeon. As you level, you gain further abilities from each skill family, making you even more powerful.

There are 51 Skill total, and they are broken into three groups: Warrior (16), Rogue (15) and Wizard (20). For more information on what this means check out Leveling With Skill! in the attributes page.

Warrior Skills

Skill sword Skill axe Skill mace Skill polearm Skill staff Skill unarmed Skill dualwield Skill shieldbearer
Swords Axes Maces Polearms Staves Unarmed Combat Dual Wielding Shield Bearer
Skill berserker Skill armour Communist Clockwork Knight Battle Geology Big Game Hunter Killer Vegan Skill smithing
Berserker Rage Master of Arms Communist Clockwork Knight Battle Geology Big Game Hunter Killer Vegan Smithing

Rogue Skills

Skill dagger Skill crossbow Skill thrown Skill dodging Skill perception
Daggers Archery Thrown Weapons Artful Dodger Perception
Skill stealth Skill assassination Paranormal investigator Skill mushroomlore Skill archaeology
Burglary Assassination Paranormal investigator Fungal Arts Archaeology
Rogue Scientist Demonologist Piracy Werediggle Curse Skill tinkerer
Rogue Scientist Demonologist Piracy Werediggle Curse Tinkering

Wizard Skills

Skill vampirism Skill golemancer Skill fleshshaper Skill mathemagic Skill psionicist Skill necronomiconomics Skill vikingwizard
Vampirism Golemancy Fleshsmithing Mathemagic Psionics Necronomiconomics Viking Wizardry
Skill astrologer Skill prometheanmagic Skill magictraining Skill bloodmagic Skill leylines Warlockery Emomancy
Astrology Promethean Magic Magic Training Blood Magic Ley Walker Warlockery Emomancy
Magical law Bankster Egyptian magic Tourist Skill alchemy Skill wandlore
Magical Law Bankster Egyptian Magic Tourist Alchemy Wand Lore

Removed Skills

Skill deadshot