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For a list of available recipes, see Crafting.
Skill smithing
Forge iron in fires! Construct weapons to smite your foes! Become more burly!
Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Smithing0 64
Honourary ArmourerAfter many bruised thumbs and burns, you know the very basics of bashing things out of metal.
Stat burliness+1
Stat smithing+1
Smithing1 64
IngoteerThis is the art of mining cubes then crafting them into useful shapes. You've also picked up something about traps.
Stat burliness+1
Stat smithing+1 Stat traplevel+1
Smithing2 64
Metallurgical PractitionerYou're a practical and practiced metallurgist.
Dmg conflagratory resist+1
Stat burliness+1
Stat smithing+1
Smithing3 64
ForgekeeperYou like it hot.
Dmg crushing+1
Stat burliness+1
Stat traplevel+1 Stat smithing+1
Skill smithing
Chosen of KrongHeft well your mighty hammer, for your metalcraft is a divine calling.
Dmg crushing+1
Dmg conflagratory resist+2
Stat burliness+1
Stat smithing+1
Forge lord64
The World-HammerWhat hath these hands wrought? Why, crafts which even the Forge-Lord of Ulm covets.
Dmg crushing+1
Dmg transmutative resist+1
Stat burliness+2
Stat smithing+1

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