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Skill thrown
Throw a tantrum. Better yet, throw something with sharp edges. Or maybe even something that explodes into sharp fragments!
Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Skill thrown
UnderhanderYou've mastered the gentle lob, but don't try out for the basketball team yet. Slightly enhances combat abilities when using thrown weapons. Ammo recovery rate is increased.
Stat crit+1 Stat edr+2 Increases ammunition recovery rate by 5%.
Monster toss64
Monster TossDon't like that monster? Just toss it away.
Thrown1 64
PeltastYou're skilled in the hit-and-run tactics of a peltast. Well, not much of the running, but you try to dodge. Ammo recovery rate is increased.
Dmg crushing+1
Stat dodge+2 Stat edr+2
Increases ammunition recovery rate by 10%.
Australian TechniqueThe Austalian Technique is tricky,but when you pull it off it will cause your weapon to burrow deep into your targets flesh (or flesh-analogue) causing terrible damage by the sheer thrown power of that Southern Land.
Thrown2 64
Reagent of Throwing Stuff At PeopleThough throwing stuff at people is not generally held to be among the nobler of the martial arts, you've managed to bring it a kind of regalty. Sort of. Mostly you just throw stuff real hard. Ammo recovery rate is increased.
Dmg crushing+3
Stat crit+4 Stat edr+2
Increases ammunition recovery rate by 15%.

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