For a list of available recipes, see Crafting.
Skill tinkerer
Spend time in a garden shed, building mechanical devices for the betterment of mankind.
Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Dabbling TrappistYou dabble in the construction and disarming of traps. It's amazing you've still got most of your fingers.
Stat savvy+1
Stat traplevel+1 Stat tinkerer+1
MechanickerThere's hope yet for a career in repairing (notoriously unreliable) Dwarvern Panini Presses.
Stat savvy+1
Stat traplevel+1 Stat trapsense+1 Stat tinkerer+1
Cog-jockeyNow you know the difference between a mainspring and an escape wheel and can set cogs spinning at separate but complementary gear ratios.
Stat savvy+1
Stat traplevel+2 Stat trapsense+1 Stat tinkerer+1
InventorYour scientific genius is such that pitchfork-wielding peasants may post a serious hazard.
Stat savvy+1 Stat traplevel+1 Stat tinkerer+1
Skill tinkerer
Chief ArtificerYou're a master of the mechanical philosophies. You see the world's wheels turning and all of Being rotating around. It's enough to make one nauseous.
Stat savvy+1
Stat traplevel+2 Stat tinkerer+1
Music of the gears64
Music Of The GearsEvery gear in place, every cam clacking in tune; Do you hear it?
Stat nimbleness+2 Stat savvy+2
Stat traplevel+3 Stat tinkerer+1

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