The Wand Lore skill can raise your ability to craft wands. Without it, or another skill chosen at the beginning of the game, you will not be able to craft wands above level 0 (effectively none?).

Game Text and Upgrade levels Edit

Skill wandlore
The knowledge of properly polishing a wand may extend its working life and enhance the abilities of the wand beyond the expected. Skills in this group enhance the use of wands of all shapes and sizes, and expand crafting options.
Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Wands0 64
Rod ChargeYou've stopped sticking the wand in your ear. This is good, you were starting to run out of ears.
Stat sagacity+1 Stat wandburn+1
Wands1 64
Baton PolisherProper wand polishing is essential for every magician. Just don't do it too much or you'll go blind.
Stat sagacity+1
Stat magicresistance+2 Stat wandburn+1
Wands2 64
Rhabdomantic HackerThis swishing and flicking is no way for a man to spend his evenings.
Stat sagacity+1
Stat magicresistance+2 Stat wandburn+1
Skill wandlore
Adept WandtwirlerJust remember, it's not the size of your wand, it's who you shoot it at.
Dmg aethereal+1
Stat sagacity+1
Stat magicresistance+3 Stat wandburn+1
Power of the rod64
The Power Of The RodYour wands practiclly vibrate with magical energies - at least, until they run down.
Dmg aethereal+2
Stat sagacity+1
Stat magicresistance+3 Stat wandburn+1
AetherweaverYou can twist together famine with plenty, pride with shame, and any other number of abstract analogies into rods built on the pure strain of contradiction.
Dmg aethereal+3
Stat sagacity+2
Stat magicresistance+5 Stat wandburn+1

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