(No primary attribute) (Skills that affect this: Wand Lore(+6), Rogue Scientist(+2))

(Equipment that affect this: The Hat of Bergstrom(+1))

This attribute determines your character's skill level in wand crafting. See Smithing Level for more.

Wand Use Affinity (no longer how wands work) decreases the entropic build-up in a wand during regular use. In other words, with higher affinity you can probably fire a wand more before it burns out. (No primary attribute) (Skills that affect this: Wand Lore)

The higher number in wand affinity, the slower entropic build-up occurs in wands. Too much entropic build-up causes the wand to become unusable.

Every bonus to wand lore will decrease entropy gained from each use of a wand by 1 to a minimum of 5. Each wand starts with a number that shows how much entropy will be gained per use of the wand. This number is not affected by the type of wand, it is random, and does not change if you change the wand type. The total entropy is the % chance that a wand will burn out upon using.