Warlockery is a wizard skill.

Warlocks are wizards that really wish they were warriors. Or Rogues. Or cheesemongers. Anything but wizards, really. Their "spells" (as they are) serve to make them less wizard-like in a variety of ways.
Level Icon Bonuses Effect
Puissant touch64
Puissant TouchWhy mess about with incantations, gesturing, and smelly powders? Just use your hand to inject burning-raw magical energy directly into your enemie's flesh.
Stat block+2 Ability: Puissant Touch
Item: Aluminum Wizarding Hat
Battle form64
Mage Mana MailleDo as the wizards do - gird your loins in a shield of mana to protect yourself from deadly foes. Each hit landed on your magical maille will drain mana.
Ability: Mage Mana Maille
Warlocks challenge64
Warlock's ChallengeA few strong words and a magical gesture are sure to pull nearby monsters into melee range. Literlly pull. As a Warlock, this is pressumably what you actually want to have happen.
Stat block+3 Ability: Warlock's Challenge
Essence of BattleBy charging raw thaumaturgical puissance directly into empowering your physical form, you are become a fearsome engine of battle.
Ability: Essence of Battle
Chronomantic twist64
Chronomantic TwistThrough raw force of magical energy, you can twist the fabric of time itself around your body for several moments, alowing you to move and act while others are still -- beware though, for your time-debt must be repaid in full immediately afterward.
Ability: Chronomantic Twist
Puissant field64
Puissant VeilYou've mastered the precarious skill required to maintain a semi-stable defensive aura of raw burning mana. It's charge will fry anyone whose attack touches you with aetheric energies.
Passive: 100% chance when you're hit of Puissant Discharge
Arcane capacitor64
Arcane CapacitorOpens a gate to the 11th realm which charges up you weapon (or boot) with a fearsome melange of energies primed to unleash arcane destruction. Beware - act too soon, and the charge will be weak; act too late, and it cannot be contained.
Ability: Arcane Capacitor
ManacalypseYou can unleash all of your mana in a giant flood, dealing heinous damage to everything in your vicinity and wrenching yourself out of your Empowered form. Also, your Empowered form becomes significantly tougher and more manaful.
Ability: Manacalypse

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